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🙋 How can I help?

Pull requests to improve docs, test coverage or examples are always welcome! If you want to implement a new feature, please submit an issue first so we can discuss project-fit. You can also look for issues labeled ‘help wanted’ and open a PR to close one of those. If you don’t finish, you’re welcome to submit it as draft PR anyway. Someone else might take over.

🚀 Submit a PR

To submit a pull request, clone the repo, install dependencies and start the dev server to see changes as you make them.

git clone https://github.com/janosh/elementari
cd elementari
npm run install
npm dev

Before you start committing, create and check out a descriptively named branch:

git checkout -b my-cool-new-feature
# or
git checkout -b docs-on-something
# or
git checkout -b test-some-feature

To ensure your changes didn’t break anything, run the full test suite (which also runs in CI):

npm test

Any new features should come with corresponding tests. If you fix a bug, please add a test that fails under the old code and passes with your changes. If you’re having trouble writing tests, you can submit your PR anyway. Others might be able to help with tests but chances are your code will take longer to get merged.

✅ CI checks

This repo has 3 required CI checks that have to pass for every PR before merging:

🆕 New release

To make a release, increase the "version" field in package.json. This package follows semantic versioning, meaning

Now run the changelog script from package.json to update changelog.md.

npm changelog  # or npm run changelog

If there have been significant code changes since the last release, it’s good to update the coverage badges in the readme.

npm update-coverage

Then commit package.json, changelog.md and readme.md files to the main branch using the new version number prefixed by 'v' as commit message and tag:

git add package.json changelog.md readme.md
git commit -m vx.y.z
git tag $(git log -1 --pretty=%B)

Push the release commit and tag to origin/main:

git push && git push --tags

Finally publish a new release on GitHub.